Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mini office binder, # homeschool Help Book

I recently talked about the mini office binder for Cameron. Well since this is our week off,  I decided to start putting the binder together.

I started off my finding some coordinating scrapbook papers and some sticker letters (I didn't have enough of the right letters so I mixed and matched but Cameron liked it so that is all that really mattered.)
We are using a 1 1/2 inch view binder so I inserted trimmed scrapbook paper to fit. (The paper he choose is an older pack from Close to My Heart and the letters are an older style from Creative Memories)

I pulled out a pack of 8 insertable tabs that will get labeled as we added categories.

Next I added a Quick Spelling Guide I had from years ago (I'm pretty sure it was a Avery thing from college). This will come in handy as he is writing stories and such. I really wanted him to have something that is slightly above his grade level that will last a long time.

Next I added a Cursive and Manuscript Letters chart we had been using as a guide.

We will add the remaining things under the tabs as we introduce them next week. I want Cameron to finish putting it together since this binder will be for his use.  It may sound silly but I really feel that his ownership of the binder will be stronger if he is actively involved in putting it together.

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