Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mini Office in a Binder

I love the idea of a mini office for the boys and actually we had them the first year we homeschooled.  Since we aren't using desks and I don't like the idea of them hiding behind a wall to do their work, I am working on mini office binders for the boys.
I remember is school (6th grade plus) I had binder inserts that have all kinds of information on them.; things like Math hints,  most often misspelled words, geography, music , etc...
I am making Cameron's first. He is 3rd grade and so I am including the following:
1: 3rd grade Dolche word list
2: Books of the Bible
3: Months of the Year / Days of the Week
4: Math Symbols
5: Math Facts reminder (addition table and multiplication table)
6: World Map/  US Map
7: Basic Grammar rules
8: Character Virtues Reminder

I will add things as we need them, but for now 8 is a good number and a common set of divider tabs.
I am also including Google Docs links to the files I have created and link backs to those that are online.

Cameron will be decorating the notebook these are going into as part of the New Year's lessons. I really want him to feel a sense of ownership in the book so I will use a 1/2 inch clear view binder that he can decorate.

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