Sunday, September 2, 2012

Getting Gutzy for a 7th Birthday

We set up Nathan's birthday party with a dual theme, Gutzy Gear and Monster Trucks, a pretty good combination if I do say so myself
The cake: a Monster Truck 

Goody bags filled with Gutzy Gear straps and coloring pages along side the gifts
The kids coloring their Monster truck pictures before the games started.

Awesome Monster trucks guy!

Birthday Boy and his Monster Truck Scene set up

Gutzy Gear
Birthday Boy as the Bingo Caller. Gutzy Bingo that is

Brothers playing Gutzy Bingo

Birthday Boy Bingo Caller and the Gutzy Gear Goodies for the winners

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Nathan, Happy Birthday to you

We had a blast sharing Gutzy Gear just in time for Back to School. Thanks to Mommie Parties for this amazing opportunity.

Check out Gutzy on Facebook, Twitter, and their Webpage

Finally our classroom Gutzy (ie Mom's Gutzy) 

Check out Gutzy Gear for your guy or girl, great for backpack straps or seatbelts (makes a nice fun attachment to the seatbelt and it softer on their necks)

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