Monday, September 3, 2012

A is for above average

We all like to think our kids are above average, but honest I'm glad mine are where they are. Now don't go freaking out on me, I come as this from a personal angle.
I was above average in school and board out of my mind most of the time. When I was in school there was still a T.A.G (Talented and Gifted) program in the district. I was lucky to get into the program in 4th grade, however because we went to class during regular class time I missed some of the basics they assumed we knew. Each year in elementary school we had our TAG class activities during regular clas stime which  meant whatever work our normal class did became extra homework for us. Don't get me wrong we had some advantages too, we got first crack at the new computers (at the time it was an AppleIIe) and we went on extra field trips (the local cable access station to record P.S.A. spots was one of my favorites).  In junior high TAG was just an advanced subject (7th grade was Social Studies, 8th grade was Science, 9th grade was English) in High School the program went away and was just more advanced classes overall, however I was into the performing arts so I gave up more of my advanced classes and settled into excelling in the regular classes.
With my boys I can see where they are more advanced or above the average and work on their strengths and weaknesses. Today was a perfect example. Since this is the beginning of our fall term I decided to start of with some review stuff for both boys. Nathan has a handle on Math but his handwriting including numbers still suffers , so for Math I had him doing a couple pages of fill in the missing numbers to practice writing numbers.  For reading, he has an amazing comprehension and retention but struggles with the actual reading portion so I have him using Reading Kingdom for a session where he is working reading and recognition at level and can progress over the year as he improves.
Both my boys have strengths and weakness making them above average in some areas, but I don't want them comparing themselves to the average. I want the to strive to higher than their own average and work toward the Almighty above all.


  1. Another benefit of homeschool, we can teach them no matter where they are.

  2. love that we can encourage those strong giftings and weaknesses at the same time by homeschooling!

    thanks for linking up!