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Family Music Time: Simple, Fun, and Melodic #hsreviews

unvlDad, is passionate about music and sound
Because of music I met my husband, while I was pregnant with our oldest we were both in a community choir, and for 3 years we were part of the worship team at a community church we attended; so, music has been a large part of our lives and I want to instill that in our children. Having a variety of music and music programs available to the boys is very important to me.  We don't do a formal sit down time, but tend to take our music with us on the go or outside, so I wasn't sure how the boys would respond to a sit down program like Music Together, but I'm always willing to try something.  The program is geared toward early elementary children, but I really felt like the simple melodies would be a good thing for the boys. I wanted to have a solid base to work with as they grow. The set we received included a 19 song CD and the Songbook for Teachers from Music Together and retails for $39.95.
After receiving the set and loooking it over, I decided to go at it a little differently since the boys are older. We took the CD and the book in the truck for a day trip and thouroughly enjoyed the songs and singing along. Nathan enjoyed I've been working on the Railroad and Cameron liked Obwisana the most, but they both had fun just being kids and enjoying the rhythms and catching tunes.  We have enjoyed listening to the music during play time and on short road trips. We have even taken to creating our own music makers from sticks in the back yard to dry beans in recycled Easter eggs and old spice jars.
I love the Songbook for teachers as it is full of suggestions for younger and older children as well as special needs children for instance with I've been working on the Railroad   it is recommends using a firm march or stomp to be a train for chidlren with Special needs as a way to help contain the high energy activity because of the deep pressure of the stomping,  it also suggests a "secret singer" with older children. You can add additional books about trains to create a fun extension activity.
I love that there are so many ways to incorporate music into the rest of our homeschool and life.

We try and give the boys lots of room especially where music is concerned. Nathan loves creating music and finding new ways to make music.
Did you know you can use a violin bow to play a guitar? Neither did I, but he did.  (these are from a while ago, but still to this day, he claims guitello is his creation and loves to dream up new instruments and ways to create music).

Thankfully, programs like Music Together will help encourage that passion for music in him.

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