Sunday, September 23, 2012

Once a Week Unit Study? Yes it is possible with Homeschool Legacy #hsreviews

I love unit studies and am always looking for new ones for the boys, so when I heard about Homeschool Legacy's Once-a-Week Unit Study I was intrigued. I showed them to the boys the variety they carry and we decided on Knights and Nobles which retails for $15.95 and covers grades 2 through 12 , making it a great unit for a multi-age family.  This book is loaded with activities  reading lists, and even a suggested family movie night.
There is a list of suggested books, along with thoughts on how to deal with the problem of your local library not having particular books, she suggests simply going to the section of the library where suggested books would be found using the Dewey Decimal system and looking at books they do have. What a fantastic idea for those of us with small community libraries, this also leads well into a lesson on using the library for the kids.
 If you are a traditional textbook homeschool family, adding a unit study can be daunting. From personal experience using a variety of unit studies over the last 5 years I know there are a lot of options out there for families to choose from.  Homeschool Legacy offers several features in their program that really caught my eye, especially now that we are doing more classical/ traditional school for the core curriculum. I love the idea that we can set aside the math and reading activities and do some thematic activities while still learning about Nobles and their Knights including devotionals and Biblical characters, add elements to our history timeline books, expand on the boys' knowledge of castles. play some fun games, practice their juggling skills, and much more.  
The boys are planning a medieval feast for family (they are actually trying to convince Mommy to let them take over Thanksgiving and honestly I might just let them, of course I will help them prepare the food, but let them do all the planning and decorating, etc..)
Another bonus if you have Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girls they can work on their honor badges, honestly if you have kids in any scouting group you can most likely figure out an honor or two they can earn working through this unit.  
We are actually splitting this unit up even farther to fit into our current history timeline, as we are studying Biblical history this year. I am very grateful for the Biblical focus of this product and being able to show the boys the "knights" and Nobles of the Bible as they really hadn't made the connection of the Biblical characters, their virtues, and the Knights/ Nobility concept. When I started homeschooling and using unit studies I tended to do a unit study as school and pull everything into that, I find that this still actually works really well for us and is doable where the boys struggled with full time unit studies, they were eager to learn with a more staggered approach. Also having a family movie night that could be mixed into school made it so much fun. We actually watched One Knight with the King since I had it on DVD and it fit into the theme and characters being studied. 
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I can see so many more benefits to this product as we continue on our journey. I love the basis for the product and with a retail price of less than $20, it is a doable purchase for our library.
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Disclaimer: as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received an electronic copy of the product mentioned in this review for free.

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