Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reading is King with Reading Kingdom #hsreviews

As we began looking ahead to our fall term, I was looking for something that Nathan could do on his own to help his reading. He is an independent learner and often gets frustrated with Mom guiding him.
When Reading Kingdom came up to review on the Crew, I decided it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I had tried a demo previously and honestly couldn't remember what the boys thought of it (lame I know but I went through a period of trying everything I could get my hands on and not really keeping track of what was working)

Anyway, Nathan started out with the placement test and for whatever reason it placed him in a pre-reading level. I was like "No Way, something is up" and Nathan just walked away because it was too easy and in his words "Lame".  I emailed Reading Kingdom immediately to see what we could do, especially since he is reading at a mid range 1st grade level. I was happy to see that his level could easily be adjusted by the support staff, and we began out journey. About 3 sessions into I noticed Nathan getting frustrated with the amount of time given for a response. Since Mom is not suppose to help him I could only sit back and take notes. I decided to check into adjusting the time limit for answering questions, luckily there is a setting for just that and I was able to adjust it up so that he had a little longer to find the keys on the keyboard rather than using an online keyboard. He wants to type his answers but still struggles with letter placement on the keyboard. Now that we have fixed that issue, he works through his lessons and actually asks to do his lesson for the day and takes the initiative to go back and practice things he has issues with.
Now that I've shared our rough start and the excitement Nathan now has, lets take a look at the meat of the program.

Reading Kingdom really covers it all as far as the skills involved in Reading and comprehension.

The program is interactive and visual allowing the student to be hands on with the keyboard as well as visual with the lesson seeing not only the words, but the activity that needs to be completed.

Reading Kingdom offers a great demo for 30 days free of charge. After the free period the program is a subscription based program for $19.99 a month ($199.99 a year) for the first reader on your account and $9.99 a month ($99.99 a year) for each additional reader. Supporting readers through grade 3, this program is fun and interactive and is really a great way to support independent learners on their journey.  Reading Kingdom also has books available as well as links to additional resources to support your reader.

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disclaimer: We received a subscription to the above program as members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew to use and share our opinions with our readers here. 

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