Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hands on Phonics and Spelling day


Today was the second of Fall Term for Unionvale Homeschool students and teacher.
Today we worked on phonics and spelling using one of our favorite tools, Reading Rods from Learning Resources   I scored the Phonics activity set a couple of years ago and Goodwill for $2.99 along with the  Word Building Activity Set for $2.99. I was elated with my find since they retail for around $30 and I still want to get the Simple Sentence Activity set.
Anyway, I wanted something that would challenge them but could be done comfortably as I didn't want to move out of the classroom today.

Cameron worked on blended beginning sounds creating 4 words. He challenged himself by doing more than just blend, V, C. He upped his game by using silent "e" and well as "y" and double vowel combinations. I had them write their words on the wipe off boards. Cameron had an extra line on his so decided to practice his full name in cursive along the last line. I think I'm going to like the bean bag work spots.

Nathan was happy to work on "es" plural words on the bean bag with his bucket of letters. Mommy is very glad she kept the over-sized  organizer bin, it is 15 inches long so it sticks out of the cubbies too far and was going to be given to Goodwill , but since it works so well to dump letters in, it will stay for now.

After Phonics we moved on to Math , but I will save our new collection of Math activities for another post.

Happy Homeschooling!

p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post, just me sharing one of my favorite products we use in our homeschool.


  1. It would appear as if the boys were pretty focused. I don't know how they could even do that sitting in a bean bag. Me? Ha! I'd be inclined to dump the letters out of the bucket, fill it with popcorn, grab the remote, and chill out with some inane TV.

    Good score at the Goodwill store!

    1. I love that they are comfortable and getting into their school work. We tried the desks and that was an utter fail.