Tuesday, October 23, 2012

H is for Harvest Fun

Blogging through the alphabet

H is for Harvest Fun and around Unionvale School that means the annual trip to Heiser Farms.
Sunday afternoon we decided to head up to Grand Island and the pumpkin patch to watch Pumpkin Chunkin. If you don't know what I'm talking about you are missing out. 4 pumpkin launchers fire pumpkins out into the field at targets, it is crazy fun to watch and try to keep your eyes on the pumpkins flying across acres of field.
Heiser Farms
Cars and empty tanks make awesome targets for flying pumpkins.

This year we went later in the day so the sun was beginning to set making it easier to follow the pumpkins in the sky.
The boys had fun going down the huge tube slide and rolling down the hill among other things. We didn't take any cash with us this time so we only did the free activities which are plentiful.

We also watched a WWII tank drive around the field and fire rounds , the boys thought of Papa and decided we needed to bring Papa out to watch that. 

Heiser Farms

 My amazing, confident, opinionated boy amazes me daily and surprises me almost as often.

My silly, fearless, silly little guy. I love your smile and am amazed by your strength.
I love harvest season even with all the craziness. I love to beauty that is revealed to us as we are blessed each day of this season.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I remember not too long rolling down the hill with my daughter - it never grows old. Well, the grass is so dry here in Texas it can be a bit prickly at times.

  2. Wow! The pumpkin patch near us just shoots the pumpkins into a lake. I'm impressed!