Thursday, October 25, 2012

Highlighting the words, a colorful approach #hsreviews

I am always interested in tools to help make reading easier for all my boys (husband included). My husband is mildly dyslexic and has always been concerned one of our boys would be. I was very interested in trying the Eye Level Reading Ruler from Crossbow Education.
Reading Rulers
 When we received our package of 10 rulers I immediately tried them myself to see what kind of effects they would have. I am a prolific reader and as a young child was diagnosed with lazy eye, after years of visual training and wearing glasses I have been able to basically ignore it and not worry about it. After trying several of the rulers myself, I began to think this would have been an amazing tool even for me, changing the color of the words actually changed how I focused on the page.
I was excited to try it with Cameron and Daddy.  I gave the group of rulers to my husband and had him pick a couple to try. He ended up with a yellow and an orange or peach colored rulers. He read a few pages from the Bible as well as several other books and really noticed how much easier it was to follow the words and focus on the words.
Cameron tried out several and went with lighter colors included a light blue and yellow.
I found it interesting that neither one went with the darker tones. I actually enjoyed the darker colors as for me often times the white pages and black letters are too highly contrasted.

Cameron isn't an eager reader, but over the last month I have noticed a significant change in the amount of reading he is doing and an improvement in his attitude toward reading. He is less stressed about his reading assignments and more relaxed when reading his devotional.  He also figured out that the reading ruler makes a great tool for working on word searches for homeschool co-op.
While he isn't a diagnosed case on dyslexia or visual stress I am grateful for the tool to take some of the stress out of reading for him.

A pack of 10 colored reading rulers retails for $16.95, there is also a 5 pack available from Crossbow Education. I feel their is so much value in the 10 pack especially if you are using them with more than 1 person.  I have found Cameron actually uses the rulers as bookmarks in his books so he can grab his book and be ready to go.
Don't just take my word for how amazing this product is, check out what the rest of the crew thought.


disclaimer: We received a package of 10 reading rulers to review and share our opinion here. No monetary compensation was received.

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