Tuesday, April 16, 2013

E is for Easter

I am so happy to finally link up with Marcy from benandme.com  again with the Blogging through the alphabet linky...
It worked out perfectly this week as I hadn't posted about our Easter activities with the extended family.
Over the last 10 years it has become a tradition that after church we have a late lunch/ early dinner at my husband's sister's house.  I have pictures over that years that I treasure of Cameron as a baby hunting for easter eggs with his 3rd cousins and then later adding Nathan to the mix and hunting for eggs outside or inside depending on the weather. This year my sister-in-law wasn't sure if the boys still wanted to hunt for eggs and when I told her they were looking forward to it, she went to work on it.
We try and keep the candy and sweets to a minimum so this year all the eggs were full of change. In addition to that the boys each received an outside toy (lawn darts for Cameron and a much needed bike helmet for Nathan) along with a drawing pad and sketch pencils and only 1 piece of candy.
Over all the afternoon and evening were a wonderful time together as family playing, laughing, and loving each other.

We added in discussion about how important the resurrection is and spending time talking and remembering Christ overcoming death for us is something more amazing than we know.

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