Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Lesson Plan Goals

I realized this evening (April 30th) that I hadn't really sat down with Lesson Plan Goals for a while. So here goes.

Reading/ Phonics: ABeCeDarian B-1 Unit 2 -4
Math: Touch Math Module C
Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears, finish the book?
Bible: Weekly Bible Lesson reading and marking Golden Text and Responsive Readings, also marking 2 citations for Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
History: Babylon and the Bible : Esther through Daniel
Science: Garden
Art: See the Light chalk art project and watercolor mixed media project

Most of Nathan's goals come from review Crew products. I will also leave room for his Montessori work on fractions. I need to finish his 3 part cards on plants and history cards on Babylon.

Reading: Continue reading Phantom Tollbooth with Daddy
Math: Math Mammoth Green Series plus some A+ Tutorsoft or Math-u-See
Computer Science: Continue work on HTML with blog page Goal
History: Battles of the Bible Notebook from Hands of a Child with Story of the World Volume 1 reading to coordinate
Art: See the Light chalk art, and mixed media plus creative lettering project (possible cover for above Notebook)
Bible: Weekly Bible Lesson with questions from Auntie and continue reading "A Proving Ground" with coordinating verses
Penmanship: Copywork from Bible Lesson

Again, a lot of this is Crew products, but also stuff we had put on hold and need to get back to. Since co-op is almost over for the year, we will have more school time at home to catch up and get back on track before July rolls around and Mommy is gone for 2 weeks.
So this will be what is on tap four days a week for the next month. 3 of the Wednesdays we have co-op and them we will finish the month off with 5 days a week to get caught up. (I don't expect them to do every subject every day).

Hopefully we can keep calm and carry on as the saying goes.

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  1. I love people's take on Lesson Plans. It always inspire me with new things for the kids I work with.