Saturday, April 6, 2013

History is back as we reorganize the resource room

I spent most of yesterday purging in the resource room and then today did some more. I realized we haven't worked on history much lately and need to get back to it, so I am going through some online resources and putting History as a focus for a while. The beauty of this is that our Grammar, Writing, Math, etc... will all have a History based theme.
I am using Truthquest History as well as Story of the World Volume 1 as the base but adding in some Lapbook/ Notebook options, Sentence building and story writing options, and digging around for Math problems that fit into the Ancients.
Here is a list of things I will be pulling together to make sure they are on the shelf.

1. gathering the boys' Playmobil guys that fit into the Ancient Category to mix in to our Playmobil Writing box, to  mix it up a bit and incorporate activities they already enjoy.
2. Roman Numeral dice games. I made a set of Roman numeral dice for Cameron last year while we were reviewing Math Mammoth, I will bring those out and put them on the shelf along with some task cards.
3. Creek Edge Press Ancients task cards in a box that will give them an optional activity they can work on.
4. Clay (I have several activities that involve clay activities)

This list along with several websites I have found are pushing me to finish the reorganization of the resource room including the addition of a second Montessori shelf. We currently have 1 that is low and only 2 shelves. This new one is actually an old bookshelf that has 3 shelves the boys can use and 1 shelf plus the top that I can use for Teacher bits and pieces. We still have our cubbies , although they are about to get a good clean out and reorganization as well.
Since we aren't focusing on traditional math and Language for a little bit, the boys have a little more freedom as to what they are going to work on and also where they will work on it.
I'm still looking for more ways to incorporate Cameron's new found computer interests but that will come. (by the way stay tuned this weekend for a new review of a computer science program we have been using)
Our new Blog button shows off the Montessori Shelf set up. It will change slightly once I bring in the second bookcase but you get the idea.

Our cubbie system (aka Mommy's old scrapbook cubes) is also changing slightly We know longer use the cubbies for workboxes so Mom get those back for her office, but the cubbies are awesome for trays of hands on activities.

Can't wait to remove the old file station (huge monster thing) so I can move the bookcase in, of course that means I need to purge some of my  books, guess I should go get started.

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