Sunday, April 14, 2013

Engaging Science with Supercharged Science

Science isn't my strong point , it just isn't something I like studying or teaching. I took 2 years in high school (Biology and Chemistry) and then Computer Sciences in college so I understand it, just am not a huge fan, especially when the boys are younger. That is where Supercharged Science comes into play. We were given the opportunity to review the program and share our thoughts with our readers.

What is Supercharged Science?  An online video and audio based program to help making teaching science easy. The program is a subscription based program where each month you will gain access to new units in everything from Mechanics to Biology to Thermodynamics and all points in between.
How much does it cost? For $37 a month you will receive access to the k-8 e-science program complete with video lessons, experiments, audio lessons, worksheets, parent/ teacher guides, shopping lists for each unit and online support from what my boys call the Red headed Rocket Scientist.
Not only is this a great program to use as a stand alone science program. It is also a great supplemental program for an array of science curriculms

We did a couple of units over the review period. First we did sound which seemed natural especially for my youngest who loves anything Daddy does and Daddy does sound gear and speaker building. The boys made tin can telephones and took it a step farther by trying different size tin cans (Soup cans versus Coffee cans). Nathan has also been playing with glass bottles filled with various amounts of liquid creating various pitches. (it really has become a game for him)

We also have been enjoying the mechanics unit focusing on friction. Today at lunch they even experimented with moving something with straws (it was a stretch, but they kept talking about concepts they learned watching some of the videos)

Speaking of the videos , both boys have been watching the videos (together and separate). They have really enjoyed listening and watching Miss Aurora (as Nathan calls her). We have been alternating when and how they watch the videos (one day it will be separately the next time it will be together). This method seems to work best, especially if one of the boys wants to study something different.
Nathan also enjoyed listening to the audio lessons with the headset, he was able to listen without worrying about what everyone else in the room was doing and could listen even when Mommy was working on something else. He is my mostly motivated learner and if there is a subject he wants to know more about it is Science, this way he can watch and listen whenever he wants to as "extra-credit'. It fills the space he wants to fill in learning and gives him something to do that I don't worry about.
I love the extras with the program as well. including the math section, where they can learn different math skills in a very different environment.
I am not worried about what is being taught and am thankful for this product and the use we will continue to get from it. I am even looking forward to watching and doing a couple of the units when things settle down a bit in early summer. The boys have already asked when we can look at the Alternative Energy and Electronics units. They have gone through and made a list of units they want to work on over the summer when we relax a little and they can do more fun school.

We received a 1 year subscription to the program and I am looking forward to using this program more and more over the next 10 months. The Schoolhouse Review Crew mates share their opinions of this program HERE , where you can see how other moms and kids are using the program.

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