Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Math Rider, learning quests equals math practice

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 We were happy to see Math Rider join the Schoolhouse Review Crew as a vendor again. Cameron actually asked me to apply to review the program as he remembered the program from the previous review we did.
While I was surprised at his eagerness, I welcome any excitement when it comes to learning basic skills. So I watched for the product link to arrive and immediately set up the boys' computer with Math Rider
The last time we reviewed the program, the boys were struggling with some focus issues and were too easily distracted by the quests. We also were a little behind in our math skills so they were easily frustrated. Now that we have been working on basic.
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So What is Math Rider? Math Rider is a combination computer game and math mastery practice activity that include all 4 basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
Will my computer run Math Rider? Math Rider run on Adobe AIR run-time on both Windows and Mac systems., but I recommend checking the system requirements
How much does the program cost? Retail price is $47.00 and includes software updates for life.

Since the recommend age range is 6-12 years old I set both boys up with their own usernames  We found that for Nathan he could only do about half of a set of questions in each of the quests and worked better in practice mode rather than quest mode.

 Cameron actually did pretty well in quest mode, although he got frustrated with the quests since he didn't get 100% mastery and had to repeat a couple of the quests. I'm still torn on the whole expectation of 100% mastery , as a mom of two boys who struggle remembering some of the facts I set my mastery expectation at about 90% with 95% really being the higher goal.
The boys would play a minimum of 10 minutes to 20 minutes three times a week as either a math activity or a computer game. We played it at varying times the time we played.  The boys could earn extra computer play time by completing extra Math Rider time.

We will continue to use the program as a supplemental activity that the boys can use to work on their math fact mastery and typing skills. I know that typing skills isn't something that you would think of when thinking about a math game, but watching the boys play the game I am seeing their 10 key typing skills improve and that just adds extra benefits to the program. 

The program's price is a value especially considering the flexibility for larger families. You can have up to 8 players on a single use license and since the recommended age range covers grade 2-6 this product covers a large enough range to offset the initial $47. 
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