Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for #homeschool Co-Ops #blogboost #atozchallenge

I know not every homeschooler belongs to a co-op and I know there are as many of opinions about co-ops as there are opinions about homeschool. I want to share our experiences in a co-op.
We joined a co-op our first year homeschooling. Was that the wisest move? Looking back I’m not sure, although I am glad we did as I really didn’t know what I was doing and gleaned a lot of ideas from the moms in the co-op.
the co-op we belong to meets 3 terms (8 weeks each) starting in October (8 weeks before Thanksgiving). The boys are in graded classes which has its ups and downs.  Both Mom and Dad are actively involved in teaching classes again that has its ups and downs. mom also coordinated the library and Dad is in charge of  sound and stage equipment related to mics, speakers, sound board, etc…
I am grateful the boys have enjoyed their classes for the most part. I am also very grateful for the growth in Cameron over the past year and a half. He struggled with performance anxiety and through patience and love from his recorders teacher and Daddy he has overcome that issue and has grown in his desire to share his music and willingness to try new things which has led to his involvement with the next Lego robotics team.  As for Nathan he is learning to memorize scripture and improve his memory skills through a series of Bible themed classes including the Fruit of the Spirit.
Next year the boys have asked me to teach their classes again and I struggle with that request as I am not the most comfortable teaching the younger grades, I really prefer to teach High Schoolers, but I am working through a couple of ideas for both 2nd grade and 4th grade for next year.

Are you involved in a co-op? What are your thoughts on co-ops? Feel free to share in the comments.

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