Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Easter #atozchallenge

With Easter just a couple of days away I thought I would share our Easter traditions with you.
Easter morning the boys have resurrection biscuits for breakfast while they get to search through their baskets for treasures.
Next it is off to church and then over to Auntie's house for egg hunt and fancy dinner. The boys love the egg hunt and love setting up their own egg hunt after the fact to play.
This year funds are really tight so they "baskets" will be simple and full of crafts, school supplies, and healthy snacks along with a couple coupons for future activities (trip to a special park, a night a grandma's, picnic date with Mommy).
 They will also be receiving their own copy of The I like Book for Kids, in which I hope to have family write in it before or at least on Easter.

What are some of your Easter traditions?

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