Monday, April 2, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: April 2nd

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I was so glad to find a Goal Meme to add to our blog... 
So here are our goals for this week.

1. Catch up on God's Great Covenant lessons we are currently reviewing this amazing program for the TOS Crew and have run into a common problem , it is harder than Mom thought it would be, but it is such a good program Mom is willing to tweak it so the boys get through it.

2. Get the milk crates from behind the couch out and sorted  (they contain a variety of school books that got stashed during the Christmas rush and haven't been touched since.)

3. Complete our lessons on subtraction so we can get back to multiplication.  The boys are doing really well with our Montessori Stamp Game for dynamic subtraction, but we need to move back into our multiplication and get some more practice on the Montessori Checkerboard.

4. Catch up on emptying Mommy's old office so we can work toward the room switch. The project got stalled after Mom dislocated her shoulder, but with the boys' help I think we can really get back on track... 

Can't wait to get the week going. We have a full week ahead of us, but these are a few things that need our attention.

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