Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dad, substitute Teacher and Principal #atozchallenge

Ok, so I am blessed that my husband is self employed and works here on the property. While we have made some sacrifices over the years having him here as far as homeschool goes it truly is a blessing, especially since I dislocated my shoulder and have needed the extra help to keep us on track.  He also serves as Principal, a title he isn’t sure he wants, but as head of the household he is also head of the homeschool . It is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off when it comes to curriculum as well as behavior issues.  I don’t like using the “wait until your Father gets home” type of language but believe me I have used similar when I’m having a day or the boys are being difficult.

When it comes to extra curricular activities it is nice to have a second opinion before we jumping in and it also means that we have extra help during our homeschool cop-op and similar activities. 

I am very thankful for Dad / Husband/ Principal/ and Substitute Teacher.

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