Thursday, April 26, 2012

M is for exercising with Math #atozchallenge

Recently the boys and I saw a fun activity on a TV show ;combining math and exercise, with a number board and jumping jacks.

We decided to give it a shot. Cameron got the sidewalk chalk out and drew the number box for us. Then the boys took turns jumping onto two numbers and adding them together, once they had the answer they did jumping jacks to that number.

Burns energy and makes math facts a lot more fun!
Since we live in Oregon and never know if the sunny spring days are going to last we have to figure a way to play the game inside as well.

No problem, Mommy just got 10 sided dice to add some fun to our stamp game and Montessori Checkerboard activities,why not use them to come up with the addends?

This time Nathan decided to do push ups and  Cameron stuck with the jumping jacks.

Either way they are practicing their math  facts and adding healthy activities to their school day.

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