Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Homeschool Apple Pie Day at the Capitol

March 21st Oregon celebrated Apple Pie day at the state Capitol, we decided this would be a good year to take the boys down especially since we live so close.
We arrived in time for our scheduled tour of the Supreme Court building. The building was started in 1913 and finished in 1914 so it is getting ready to celebrate 100 years. The marble staircase was not only beautiful but vicious on the legs (Mommy wore heels so she got a workout). The stained glass was breathtaking  We sat int the courtroom and listened to one of the Justices talk about the legal process in Oregon. Daddy even asked some questions along with several of the children there. Mommy made her boys pose for a picture behind the bench since they all looked so handsome.

After the tour we walked back to the capitol building for the rally on the steps of the capitol. On our way there we enjoyed the statues on the capitol grounds as well as the view of the Golden Pioneer atop the capitol dome.  Once we arrived at the steps the rally was just beginning, Mike and Nathan went back to the car and brought back our lunch pack so we could eat while we listened to the various speakers and the choir. It decided to rain just as the rally was beginning (a hard Oregon Spring Rain). Thankfully though we found a nice tree alongside the steps that we could hide under while still listening to the rally. Homeschoolers in Oregon are determined if nothing else. 

Once the rally was over we made our way inside the capitol to check out the various displays and wait for our tour of the capitol proper. We had to wait a while (about an hour) so the boys got a little antsy, but overall they did really well considering we arrived at the Capitol around 10:30 that morning. 
We enjoyed the tour of the capitol including the Senate and the House, the Governor's office lobby, and the variety of portraits of the state's past governors. The boys also learned about the state seal. The whole day was full of information and activities. Next year we will make an effort to actually meet  our senator and representatives, but this year we made the decision to just take it all in. 
I am grateful for OCEANetwork and the continuing roll they are planning in the journey of homeschoolers in our state. I am also in prayer for 2 bills that are in committee right now that can greatly alter the requirements of homeschoolers in Oregon.


  1. What a great experience for your family.

    Angi from Tim and Angi's Blog

  2. I love that staircase! I love winding, pretty staircases! It looks like it was a great experience for you all, homeschooling is so much fun! :)